Violence in Israeli Schools

The Latest Numbers on Violence in Israeli Schools

During the past decade, the high level of violence in Israel schools has been a constant concern, but looking to the results of the last Teaching and Learning International Survey (published in June 2019), we see a shocking development:

Violent behavior not only occurs with a significantly higher frequency in Israeli schools than what is the average of OECD countries, in the last five-year span, the reported incidents of verbal abuse, physical violence and bullying have drastically increased and even doubled when it comes to bullying! 

Meanwhile, the OECD average is stagnating or decreasing for the same indicators. For the full TALIS results, please click on this link. Here a newspaper report about the issue… 

The OECD’s education study, the Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS), surveyed thousands of middle school teachers and principals in member countries about the 2018 academic year. The survey examines working conditions and learning environments in member countries and some others. The results showed that 26 percent of middle school principals in Israel reported “acts of intimidation or bullying” at least once a week, nearly twice the average in other OECD countries at 14%. Some 13% of principals reported “violence between students resulting in physical harm” at least once a week, as opposed to 2% on average in OECD countries — a number some six times higher. The number represents a sharp jump in violent incidents in Israeli schools over the last five years. In the 2013 TALIS survey, just 13% of principals reported bullying or violence between students on a regular basis.

Source: Times of Israel (19 June 2019)